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Staff celebrating Quality Assurance
Staff celebrating Quality Assurance

Child Care Council of Suffolk, Inc. is a non-profit community service agency. We collect and keep information about all the different Long Island communities. The staff is in daily contact with providers of child care and parents seeking child care. Our database is the most detailed and complete resource about local child care options. We work with parents, providers, businesses and community groups to help make quality child care available to everyone in Suffolk County.

  • We provide parents with:
    • Information on evaluating quality child care
    • Referrals to child care providers
    • Resources on various parenting issues
  • We offer providers training and support services for new or established programs
  • We measure the supply and demand of child care in the community. We work to increase the supply where needed.

Mission Statement


The Child Care Council of Suffolk, Inc. is the not-for-profit planning and coordinating agency dedicated to making child care work for all of Suffolk County's diverse communities. Through advocacy, education and resource and referral the Council takes a leadership role in supporting children, families, providers, employers, and the public to ensure that quality child care takes its place as an integral part of society.


We hope you enjoy the information and resources we offer on our website. Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

Because children are our greatest resource